Saleha Habiz Khatun

Tue 4th Sep 2018|

Awr all current and future Hujjahs and hajjis.
I chose Dome tours after researching a minimum of 20 companies and have not regretted my choice at anytime at all. My husband and I took the cheaper of the two packages and shared with three others in our rooms. Dome tours were very good at selecting room mates who have now become lifelong friends. The service at every stage provided by Dome was beyond all they promised, the personal touches like giving us postcards to send home to lived ones made me feel as if they didn’t see me as a customer but as a friend or even a family member. The walking Seerah catered for everyone- those who had great knowledge and those who don’t. The support at Mina, Arafah and during Jamrat was really good. The seminars the Q & A sessions were excellent. The watsapp groups have been a great support from before we started our actual trip. I would recommend Dome tours to one and all.