Ruh Al-Alam

Wed 4th Sep 2019|

I don’t think any other Hajj tour operator compares to Dome. If you haven’t decided who to go with, then look no further. They make you forget all about the worldly worries and by ensuring you are informed, fed, felt safe and always reachable, they give you the opportunity to focus on the purpose of the trip. Things they do that go beyond most peoples expectations: they provide you with the best hajj kit – a goodie bag full of all the Hajj essentials you’ll ever need. Their hotels are close and welcoming. Their team and guides are always at hand and visible. Their Mina tents are cool, fully stocked and their programme is packed full of intimate learning, contemplation, communal dua and advice from their own scholars – they even have their own doctors that accompany the group! The best thing of all is that you will travel with like-minded people that will become your family, a brother/sisterhood will quickly be apparent that you will not expect but cherish. At no point did we worry about where we were going, what is happening with our luggage, accommodation or food – they deliver a stress and worry-free Hajj. You’ll quickly forget your 5-star hotel when you realise you are getting a priceless service and a Hajj experience and family for life. May Allah bless the amazing Dome team for their love of being in servitude to the guests of Allah.