Rianna Ahmed

Wed 22nd Aug 2018|

I was very satisfied with the service Dome Tours provided and would definitely recommend them. InshaAllah if I get the chance to perform Hajj again, I would most certainly choose Dome Tours. My father travelled with them 3 years ago, my sister went the year later and I went with them this year. I think that pretty much says it all. I must say I was very impressed with the service provided, the staff are amazing, all genuine people who want to serve the Hujjaj to the best of their ability, they were always on hand. We were given every staff members (guides, doctors, sheikhs) mobile numbers and were able to contact them at any time. There were sheikhs to cater to everyone. I follow the hanafi madhab and had a lot of questions about what to do, when and how, anytime we needed advice we used to call the sheikh who followed the hanafi madhab and he always responded. Doctors were also very very helpful. May Allah reward them all for all their hard work. Ameen. I was very very impressed with the goodies we were provided with, before our departure we were given hand trollies filled with things (backpack, water bottle, flannel, sun hats, umbrellas, umrah guide, hajj guide etc) we would be needing throughout the journey and I must say everything was put to use, before we set off to Mina we were given mini washbags with unperfumed toiletries, and whilst in Mina we were given hand fans (very handy) iced flannels etc. For muzdalifa, we were given foldable mattresses, blanket and a pillow, everyone else I have spoken to who performed Hajj, had to take their own sleeping bag. It was all very well planned. All of this made the packing process very easy for us and allowed us to prepare mentally and spiritually for the journey. Also, the tour group was very well organised.