Junayd Akhtari

Mon 14th Oct 2019|

Allah swt is with me, watching me, hearing me with that mind and assurance for any brothers or sisters looking to go on Hajj next year If you want a Hajj operator who does what they say will do (if not more ) the Dome Tours are it, from my experience travelling with my elderly parents they went the extra mile to ensure everything went smoothly like clockwork everything in their control. My expectations was Hajj was going to really hard having heard others experiences however I can honestly say I found Hajj with Dome tours easy of course challenging at times but Dome make it easy and with the excellent organisation and planning it’s just stress free , Dome tours take care of all the How, What, Where, When so you can focus on your own personal Hajj. Also the accessories provided by Dome are brilliant and make the journey more practical and again easy! The 3 doctors in the group are on hand 24hours a day and a blessing, all the staffs experience shines through as they know what they are doing and professional, they take care of everything and go the extra mile. Allhumdulilah they are a blessing and will deliver 110% amazing Hajj experience.