What options are you now offering to customers who have paid deposits but feel it is unsafe to travel even if Hajj were to go ahead?

Whilst Hajj is not yet cancelled, we understand that some customers feel apprehensive and may prefer not to travel. Whilst this is not one of the special cases we identified, as a gesture of goodwill, we have decided to waive the cancellation charges, which otherwise would equate to 30% of the package price as stipulated in our terms and conditions.

Customers will then be offered the following options:

  • To postpone the Hajj booking to 2021, without any cancellation charges. We will issue a credit note for the amount paid and inform you of our Hajj 2021 package prices once released. If the package price for Hajj 2021 increases, such that it becomes unaffordable, you will have the option to continue with your booking or a full refund. If the package price for 2021 decreases, you will be reimbursed the difference in price.
  • To cancel your existing Hajj booking. In this case, we will apply a fixed administrative cancellation fee of £250 per person (instead of 30% of the package price).