Hajj 2020 Update

Mon 15th Jun 2020|General

Hajj 2020 Update

We have been closely following the development of the pandemic, monitoring statements issued by the British government on social distancing and travel as well as tracking the different measures introduced by the authorities in Saudi Arabia.

We are only a few weeks away from the commencement of Hajj and the virus is still spreading in Saudi Arabia, despite all the precautions and regulations that have been implemented to create a controlled environment that is safe and comfortable for pilgrims.

The past few weeks have been spent in meetings with external parties including the British Consul General to Jeddah, the Civil Aviation Authority and with the Dome Tours medical team.

In light of many factors and our growing concerns for the safety and wellbeing of our pilgrims, we have decided to cancel our Hajj 1441/2020 packages.

We pray that Allah (swt) rewards each and every individual who had made the intention to perform Hajj this year with the reward of Hajj and invites us all to His House next year.

And we pray that Allah (swt) enables us to continue to serve His Guests.