Saudi Medical measures

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How will tawaf be controlled?

If Hajj is allowed this year for overseas pilgrims, we expect that the Hajj Ministry will introduce social distancing measures not only in Tawaf, but also during the Sa’i, during transfers between Hajj sites, the stay in Hajj camps as well as room sharing.

More details will be made available once the decision on Hajj is finalised by the authorities.

Is there a plan in place should any individual be affected either prior or during the Hajj? Would the whole group need to be quarantined?

We will liaise with the local authorities on the ground should any one of our pilgrims become infected and follow their guidance. This may entail additional testing and/or quarantine measures for those immediately in contact with the affected individual.

Are there any further details on the visa process and meningitis vaccination? Also, when would we need to get vaccinated?

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the vaccination requirement for Hajj was Meningitis ACWY. The vaccination is required at least 10 days before the date of travel.

Visa requirements are:

  1. Valid passport for at least 6 months from the date of travel
  2. 2 passport size photographs
  3. Proof of address for EU citizens
  4. Proof of residency in the UK valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel


Following the pandemic outbreak, we expect there will be additional requirements to obtain the visa. Further details will be available in due course.

What will the hotel arrangements be like with people sharing rooms?

Once the decision on Hajj is finalised we will liaise with the hotels to discuss room sharing policies.

What about social distancing?

Guidance on Social Distancing in the UK was introduced by the government on the 16th of March: (

This was then withdrawn and updated on the 1st of May: (

It was updated again on the 11th of May: (


We will continue to monitor further updates and follow the guidelines outlined to ensure we have the required safety measures in place during various aspects of the services provided.

Will we have to be tested before/during/after the Hajj?

Any additional screening tests will be determined once the official statement regarding Hajj is issued by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.