Coronavirus Update

Dome Tours Team is closely following developments surrounding the epidemic and will keep you updated of any significant news related to Hajj and/or Umrah Read More

Dome Tours Representative

 (27 February 2020)

As you may be aware, the Saudi authorities have suspended entry to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for passengers travelling for Umrah with immediate effect as a short-term measure to prevent Coronavirus entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  1. This is a temporary precautionary suspension for those entering the Kingdom for Umrah, irrespective of whether they are holding an Umrah or tourism visa.
  2. This is a short term preventative measure as at the time of writing; there are no known cases of Coronavirus in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;
  3. If you have a flight or package booked for travel to Saudi Arabia within the next 72 hours, please contact the office to enable us to explore possible options; if you are booked to travel later than 72 hours, please wait for further updates.
  4. Hajj remains unaffected by this suspension. Nevertheless, we continue to observe the situation and any developments closely;
  5. We continue to monitor advice from the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, Ministry of Health as well as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office about travel to Saudi Arabia,
  6. Please note that this is an unprecedented situation and continues to develop, which we are following closely and will act appropriately as and when required.  The Saudi authorities are experienced in dealing with such epidemics as in recent years they have dealt with the outbreak of both MERS and SARS in the Kingdom.








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