Truly a blessing

I had the most amazing time at Hajj and this was all down to Dome Tours. If you are looking to book a Hajj trip then don’t mess about and book these guys right now!
I only got back from Hajj yesterday and couldn’t wait to tell everyone how good Dome Tours are. 
They may be a bit more expensive then some other groups but it is definitely worth it and you will find out tell why they are number 1. 
All the team members are so friendly and approachable. The team consists of British guys and local Saudi people and they are a very close team. They would always refer themselves as our ‘servants’ so we can focus on the Hajj. You really do feel that they really care about you. 

The group leaders were really good and you felt confident that they had everything in hand. 
They also have Doctors on the team and they were so friendly and efficient. I had a blister on my foot and the doctor saw it straight away and provided me with great advice. 
The team is also very will organised and innovative. The team has been doing Hajj trips for 17 years and this experience definitely shows. 
Below are some examples of this:
– They provide orange luggage straps for you to use so your luggage can be easily recognised at the Jeddah airport. 
– On they back of your ID card are details of your hotel and phone numbers for team members. 
– They provide you with Saudi SIM cards and keep you updated with announcements via Text messages. 
– All members of the team carry walkie talkies to make sure things are organised. I didn’t see any other groups using walkie talkies. 
– During the days of the stoning, they took the whole group together and arranged it like a military operation. They would send one team member up front to scope out each stone and find the best position to do the stoning. 
– The tents in Mina and Arafat are amazing. 

You also get the feeling that will not spare any expense. Our hotels in Mecca and Medinah were great and really close to each Haram. We got upgraded to a 5 star hotel in Medinah which was a nice touch. Also, our tents in Mina and Arafat were amazing. They were really well air conditioned and we had so much food and drink. 

A true test of any Hajj group is how they deal with problems as your guaranteed to hit problems when there are 2 million people involved. Dome Tours truly shines in this department. As they will not leave you by yourself and stay with you until everything is sorted. 

Also, Dome Tours seems to attract positive people who want to do Hajj and make some great friends at the same time. Me and my wife made some great friends and we believe that this due in part to Dome Tours attracting these types of people. Furthermore, everyone else in the group was raving about Dome Tours just as much as us. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the team for the tireless efforts in making this Hajj so successful. May Allah reward you for your efforts inshallah.