A truly amazing experience

Alhamdulillah just returned from performing the Hajj and without a doubt I am so pleased that I went with Dome Tours. 
From the very beginning to the very end I was extremely impressed with their organisational skills. They poses local knowledge that makes the trip more comfortable. They understand the mindset of British Muslims and cater accordingly. 
A very friendly and approachable team that give 100% at all times. 
I truly felt I could trust them and even during delays, which are inevitable, I was left to concentrate on making Dua and dhikr rather than worrying and being stressed. 
Having a renowned scholar as part of the group was an honour and blessing. The short reminders after Salah really helped to keep everyone focused. 
So much to praise Dome for. I can only say a heartfelt thank you to all the team for making my Hajj an amazing experience.