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Umrah- Easter Half Term 2016
I would like to thank Dome Tours for their excellent service in making my Umrah journey as easy as possible with my Family. We were 9 people in total going for Umrah during the Easter Half Term. Me, my Wife and three children aged 9yrs, 5yrs, and 3yrs. My mother aged 80 in wheel chair, Mother in-Law, and two Nephews.Read more


Written on 2016-04-16 on

You cant go wrong with Dome tours
We have traveled with Dome tours for Hajj back in 2013 and I can say is that you can’t go wrong with Dome tours. I personally think that we were quite lucky to had a chance to traveled with them and reason I am saying this is because initially we had a plan to go for Hajj in 2012 via an agent here in Slough Berkshire but for some unforseen reason the plan went cancelled at a very last minute.Read more

Written on 2016-02-27 on

Excellent Group
We travelled to Hajj with Dome Tours in 2015 and all throughout the trip they made sure to go that extra mile to ensure your “journey to Allah” was taken care of. Dome Tours take the approach that they will worry about everything else so that you can focus on the worship. They will even teach you the rituals from a range of scholars so that you are fully prepared when it comes to your hajj.Read more


Written on 2016-01-21 on

Hajj 2015 – Excellent team
All I can say is whole team was working to keep us safe and making sure we are only focusing on our ebada and they took care of everything else.

Thank you for excellent experience.

Written on 05-Oct-15 from

Alhamdullilah, May Allah reward the Dome team for their efforts
Alsalam aleykum wa rahmatAllahi wa baraktu. I have to give a high recommendation to the Dome Tours team for how they looked after us on Hajj. Everything was on point with them, I have little complaints about them. From the moment we touched down to our departure they looked after us.Read more


Written on 2015-11-08 on

Would i recommend them? Yes InshaAllah a million times !!
Just echoing what everyone else has already said. An amazing experience from start to finish. Sincere, hard working volunteers and a very enjoyable experience Alhamdulillah. Really felt very taken care of in every way! JazakAllahkhayr

Written on 2015-10-21 on

Highly recommended to anyone needing Hajj or Umrah
Having known many family members and friends who went through awful experiences, I am very pleased to have gone with Dome Tours and very happy to know of this Trustworthy agency that I would recommend to anyone now.Read more


Written on 2015-10-28 on

2015 Hajj with Dome Tours
A company that actually cares about you and tries to do the best possible for you in every way possible. Thank you for helping me to get on with my hajj whilst you do all the worrying.

Written on 2015-10-22 on

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Masha’Allah what a company!!
These people are absolutely amazing and did everything they could to make our time comfortable and to ensure we completed all rites of Hajj correctly and fully.
I would recommend them without hesitation.

Written on 2015-11-18 on

I would definitely recommend Dome Tours. The guys at Dome Tours went above and beyond to ensure all our needs were met. Hajj is never suppose to be easy but the Guys at Dome Tours did there up most to ensure that our pilgrimage was made as easy as possible. Humble people and wonderful service.

Written on 05-Oct-15 from