We work with some of the leading suppliers in the Hajj and Umrah field within Saudi Arabia, below you can find a list of some of the suppliers we work with.

Al Hussam Co.

Al Hussam is a Saudi based company that blazed trails in, Hotels, Furnished Apartment,

Hajj-Umrah services, Hospitality Mangement, Travel & Tours etc.

The company has impeccable lineage coming from Aziz Khogeer Hotels Establishment.

Four decades of honest and reliable service earned a spotless reputation for the company.

Qasswa for Haj & Umrah

Qasswa is one of the first local companies granted the license by the Ministry of Haj to be one of the “Certified Umra Service Provider” since the Saudi government organized the sector in 1423H/2002. Qasswa is reputable and has a professional track record with the Ministry of Haj since all its rules and regulations are being fulfilled. Moreover, Qasswa is a “Certified Local/Domestic Haj Service Provider” since 1415H/1995.

Qasswa is remarkably considered to be one of the top three companies in this area.

Elaf Travel & Tours

Elaf Group has been established in 1981 with the purpose of becoming one of the main pillars of the Middle East’s travel and tourism industry. The company has been managed by the Saudi Economic and Development Company (SEDCO). From its inception, our company has successfully assembled its best in-class professional management competence with a powerful business model, creating an evident edge over the competition.

Elaf is blazing new trails in the travel & tourism market, focusing on core elements like integrity, credibility and excellence. They specialise in religious tourism, bringing Muslims from all over the world to Saudi Arabia’s holy cities, like Umrah and Hajj.