Hajj is by far the most important journey for any Muslim, as described by the Holy Prophet (SAW). A perfect Hajj can herald the rebirth and the dawn of a new beginning for every person completing it.

Dome Tours is proud of its reputation as a professional Hajj service provider. Offering a pre-departure seminar to aid preparation; providing a complimentary gift bag for each pilgrim; selecting high standard accommodation in close proximity to the Holy places; accompanying  experienced guides and respected scholars, are services that set Dome Tours apart. We aim to provide our customers with a comfortable and enjoyable experience, allowing every pilgrim to focus on their Hajj.

All our travel packages include our standard services of visa arrangement, return flights, transportation in Saudi Arabia and a choice of 4* and 5* accommodation at the best hotels with meals included. During the trip we also include guided tours of authentic historical sites.

Recent Testimonials

Umrah- Easter Half Term 2016
I would like to thank Dome Tours for their excellent service in making my Umrah journey as easy as possible with my Family. We were 9 people in total going for Umrah during the Easter Half Term. Me, my Wife and three children aged 9yrs, 5yrs, and 3yrs. My mother aged 80 in wheel chair, Mother in-Law, and two Nephews.Read more


Written on 2016-04-16 on Hajjratings.com

You cant go wrong with Dome tours
We have traveled with Dome tours for Hajj back in 2013 and I can say is that you can’t go wrong with Dome tours. I personally think that we were quite lucky to had a chance to traveled with them and reason I am saying this is because initially we had a plan to go for Hajj in 2012 via an agent here in Slough Berkshire but for some unforseen reason the plan went cancelled at a very last minute.Read more

Written on 2016-02-27 on Hajjratings.com
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