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Welcome to Dome Tours

Dome Tours International was established in 2002 by a small group who sought to serve pilgrims traveling to Makkah. Since then, it has built its reputation as a leading Hajj & Umrah service provider by helping thousands realise their dreams of a comfortable pilgrimage. A sincere, hardworking and innovative style has become the mark of Dome Tours, attracting hundreds every year to the annual Hajj.

Supported by a dedicated team with years of experience, the company holds several sector licenses and memberships which fulfil the requirements of being a reputable and reliable travel agent within the industry.

We feel honoured serving the Guests of Allah (swt) on their spiritual endeavour. Contact us for information on our latest packages and begin your journey of a lifetime with Dome Tours International.

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Ramadan Mubarak 2014 / 1435AH

From all at Dome Tours International, we would like to congratulate everyone on the blessed month of Ramadan. We pray Allah (swt) makes this month one of forgiveness, mercy and prosperity for all. Ameen.


Hajj 2015 – Excellent team All I can say is whole team was working to keep us safe and making sure we are only focusing on our ebada and they took care of everything else. Thank you for excellent experience.

Excellent I would definitely recommend Dome Tours. The guys at Dome Tours went above and beyond to ensure all our needs were met. Hajj is never suppose to be easy but the Guys at Dome Tours did there up most to ensure that our pilgrimage was made as easy as possible. Humble people and wonderful service.

Why travel with Dome Tours?

One of the world’s best Hajj tour operators according to Hajj Ratings

Experienced guides from the UK and Saudi Arabia providing support throughout your trip

A dedicated and highly experienced group of volunteers from the UK and Saudi Arabia fluent in Arabic, English, Urdu, Punjabi and French

A one-day seminar prior to departure to inform and educate our pilgrims of religious rituals and procedures with an open Q&A session

Two accompanying scholars providing lectures and fatwas in English, Arabic and Urdu

Full medical assistance throughout the duration of your trip

Accommodation in Makkah throughout the whole Hajj period - There is no stay in Aziziyah during your trip

We are bonded with ATOL, IATA, ABTA and licensed with the Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia

A complimentary Dome Tours Hajj gift bag and guide book for each of our valued pilgrims

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Congratulations on your recent Hajj. May Allah grant you an accepted Hajj.

Please spare a few minutes to share your Hajj experience with us so that we can work with suppliers to enhance the Hajj experience for future pilgrims so that theirs is a positive life changing one.

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Assalamu Alaikum Dome Tours Hujjaj 2015

We pray you and your families are all well and in the best of Health & Imaan.

A gift from Allah – The Fast of ‘Ashura
Allah's sacred month of Muharram is a blessed and important month. It is the first month of the Hijri calendar and is one of the four sacred months. The following are some hadith outlining the benefits of fasting in this month and in particular on the Day of 'Ashura:

- "The best of fasts besides the month of Ramadhan is the fasting of Allah's month of Muharram." [Muslim]
- "The one that keeps a fast in the month of Muharram will receive the reward of thirty fasts for each fast (in this sacred month)." [Tabraani]
- "This fast is a compensation for the (minor) sins of the past year." [Muslim]

Imam an-Nawawi (may Allah have mercy on him) said: "It expiates for all minor sins, i.e., it brings forgiveness of all sins except major sins." Then he said (may Allah have mercy on him): "Fasting the day of 'Arafah expiates for two years, and the day of 'Ashura' expiates for one year.

For the historical significance of this day and the fasting therein please refer to the following:

For this year of 2015 (1437 AH), please note the following dates (according to Makkah Umm ul Qura calendar):-
9th Muharram – Thursday 22nd October 2015
10th Muharram – Friday 23rd October 2015 (Day of ‘Ashura)
11th Muharram – Saturday 24th October 2015

The scholars, analysing all reports from the Prophet (saw), have stated the fast of Muharram can be viewed in three ways:
1. Fasting three days of Muharram, the ninth, tenth and eleventh.
2. Fasting on the ninth and tenth OR tenth and eleventh days (recommended)
3. Fasting on the tenth day alone.

Please pass on this message to others so we may all share in the reward Insha Allah.
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گانا اور ڈانس تو ہر کوئی لائک کرتا ہے میں دیکھتی ہوں میری اس ویڈیو کو کون لائک کرتا ہے اور کون شیئر

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