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Welcome to Dome Tours

Dome Tours International was established in 2002 by a small group who sought to serve pilgrims traveling to Makkah. Since then, it has built its reputation as a leading Hajj & Umrah service provider by helping thousands realise their dreams of a comfortable pilgrimage. A sincere, hardworking and innovative style has become the mark of Dome Tours, attracting hundreds every year to the annual Hajj.

Supported by a dedicated team with years of experience, the company holds several sector licenses and memberships which fulfil the requirements of being a reputable and reliable travel agent within the industry.

We feel honoured serving the Guests of Allah (swt) on their spiritual endeavour. Contact us for information on our latest packages and begin your journey of a lifetime with Dome Tours International.

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Hajj 2016 – All packages sold out.

Due to very high demand and popularity with our packages, we are pleased to announce that all packages for Hajj 2016 have now sold out.


Umrah- Easter Half Term 2016 I would like to thank Dome Tours for their excellent service in making my Umrah journey as easy as possible with my Family. We were 9 people in total going for Umrah during the Easter Half Term. Me, my Wife and three children aged 9yrs, 5yrs, and 3yrs. My mother aged 80 in wheel chair, Mother in-Law, and two Nephews.  

You cant go wrong with Dome tours We have traveled with Dome tours for Hajj back in 2013 and I can say is that you can’t go wrong with Dome tours. I personally think that we were quite lucky to had a chance to traveled with them and reason I am saying this is because initially we had a plan to go for Hajj in 2012 via an agent here in Slough Berkshire but for some unforseen reason the plan … Continued

Why travel with Dome Tours?

One of the world’s best Hajj tour operators according to Hajj Ratings

Experienced guides from the UK and Saudi Arabia providing support throughout your trip

A dedicated and highly experienced group of volunteers from the UK and Saudi Arabia fluent in Arabic, English, Urdu, Punjabi and French

A one-day seminar prior to departure to inform and educate our pilgrims of religious rituals and procedures with an open Q&A session

Two accompanying scholars providing lectures and fatwas in English, Arabic and Urdu

Full medical assistance throughout the duration of your trip

Accommodation in Makkah throughout the whole Hajj period - There is no stay in Aziziyah during your trip

We are bonded with ATOL, IATA, ABTA and licensed with the Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia

A complimentary Dome Tours Hajj gift bag and guide book for each of our valued pilgrims

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7 mins of Arafaah khutbah (English)

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Farewell session in Madinah intercontinental hotel

1 week ago  ·  

Salaam Dome tours team,

Sorry in advance for a slightly long message but hey-ho!

I wanted to say thank you to all the team members I wasn't able to message directly. With over 200 names it is hard to find everyone's number directly! Whether it was Abu Hassan, who was my mental flag bearer (even when he wasn't, I could only picture him), or Ammar, with his thundering but friendly voice organising us; this is for all those I have been unable to message. I hope you are are on this group. If not, please admin can you forward it on.

Firstly, I wanted to thank you on behalf of myself for the care you provided for my mother and I. Everything you did felt accentuated by the matter of the fact that you were caring for my mother so for that a very heartfelt thank you and my deepest gratitudes.

Aside from all the most obvious help, I found that the whole team was most amazing at being there for us with the smallest gestures of kindness. From handing us cold drinks through the suffocatingly hot walks to offering their own umbrellas in the scorching sun to just offering a patient ear to listen; these and thousands of other acts you did for all the haji's were a powerful reminder to me of the sacrifice you were making to look after us. I can tell it is an honour for all of you to serve the haji's but it takes Herculean effort to do so in the blazing, energy sapping heat whilst being completely sleep deprived. It was one of the highlights of the hajj for me to see the will of effort you guys maintained throughout all states - clearly God gave you all support throughout this blessed journey. (Or Dr Amina had some special medicine just for you guys. If so, can I get some? 😋)

By chance I was talking to an organiser from Nelson who had brought 450 people along and when I said I was with Dome, his instinctual response was 'there is no group like Dome - their ethos is purely about great service. I aspire to be like them.' That compliment was personified by all the team and the service was exemplified by all your actions so thank you for maintaining such high levels throughout. I am sure that all my fellow haji's will agree with me wholeheartedly.

There is much more I could say so I'll summarise: thank you for everything obvious and behind the scenes you did on our behalf. May Allah reward you in this realm and the next. Ameen, Ameen, Ameen.

If I or my mother did anything knowingly or unknowingly to offend you, please will you accept our sincerest apologies? This isn't a flippant apology but a genuine request.

Inshallah may Allah give you the tawfiq to go again and again for the efforts you make for all the haji's. May he accept all your good deeds, duaas and actions, and elevate them. You were all at the heart of the humble duaas of my mother and I. May I ask you for one final request? Please keep us in your duaas.


Fahad R.
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2 weeks ago  ·  

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